“Oh…. Crap…. We’re in about 3 inches of water,” exclaimed Chase as he peeked out the tent to check the damage from the midnight storm.  “Dig a trench!” he yelled, as he scurried to put his raincoat on.  If I had been sleeping, this midnight call to action would have been stressful, but with the … Continue reading

Crag Check: Makapuu Point

Some climbing locations become destinations because of the aesthetics of the rock, or the ultra-classic rock quality; others become so due to the environment. I recently took a trip with my family to the Aloha State, and during our stay on Oahu, we made the 45 minute trek down to Makapuu point, on the leeward … Continue reading

The Same But Different: Rock Climbing In Taiwan

As we arrive at the local “long dong” (dragons cave) crag, I am reminded of the states. Jack Johnson can be heard from a portable stereo someone brought along. People who speak little English at all are yelling “take” and “on belay”. Some one has put up a high line…some things never change.

The Early Bird | Steorts’ Ridge

Saturday mornings have become my last bastion of adventure. Having a grown-up job certainly accommodates smaller windows of opportunity to get out and play. That being said, I haven’t been necessarily deprived of recreation, but my complex schedule doesn’t allow for me to plan outings that are going to last for more than 4 or … Continue reading

Castleton On A Windy Day

By: Greg Osborne If I had known what we were getting into I would have turned around.  On the other hand, I’m glad I didn’t.  I wouldn’t trade the experience for the world. This last weekend we all headed down to Castle Valley to climb some towers that have been on our tick lists for … Continue reading

Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close

Jonathan Safran Foer once wrote a book called Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close. I always kind of thought that would be a fitting description for any large-scale avalanche that was too close for comfort. It turns out I was right.

Cold Fusion

The north summit of Timpanogos has some of the most iconic lines in the Wasatch, Cold Fusion being one of the most sought after. It is one of those lines that just stares you down all winter long. This season didn’t allow us to get into any  steeper areas until now. Tanner picked me up … Continue reading

Epinephrine 5.9+

While eating a bowl of cereal one morning and flipping through my roommate’s copy of the book, Fifty Favorite Climbs, I stumbled upon a bad ass photo of woman in a seriously run out chimney.  The chimney was sandstone so I figured it had to be close. I quickly found out the chimney was that … Continue reading