Reflections On Adventure

┬áThose who have an active lifestyle, mixed with a healthy dose of adventure, occasionally will have one that somehow transcends the others, and sticks out in their minds as one that was just extra special. There’s no formula, no special concoction, no required parameters for this to happen, it’s just one of the neat by-products … Continue reading

Desert Nights

One of my favorite parts of desert climbing is spending the night out under the stars. The sand still holding warmth from the day, the monolithic free standing pillars holding up the endless night sky, and the anticipation of the next mornings climbs all work together to make the desert one of the best places … Continue reading

From The Hard Drive

Good friend Forrest Shearer on the ridge line of Mount Superior a couple seasons ago. He is an amazing snowboarder/mountaineer and all around good guy. Not to mention the fact that he pushes more green initiatives through his riding than almost any other rider out there. Watch for him in TGR’s new video project entitled … Continue reading

Grand Teton Moraine

A wildfire raged as we slept in the moraine field of Grand Teton. The Grand is one of the most beautifully aesthetic mountains in the world. This next summer we will be back.