Liquid Oxygen

A quick evening in American Fork Canyon yielded these photos. We were able to string up a few routes and enjoy the warm summer evening. Greg got this 3 star 12a without too much effort. Nice work Greg.

Castleton On A Windy Day

By: Greg Osborne If I had known what we were getting into I would have turned around.  On the other hand, I’m glad I didn’t.  I wouldn’t trade the experience for the world. This last weekend we all headed down to Castle Valley to climb some towers that have been on our tick lists for … Continue reading

Guest Post: A Woman’s Perspective | 3 Important Lessons About Climbing

This is our first guest post and it won’t be the last. Brooke contacted us wanting to contribute to Climberpost, we liked what she had to say and are happy to share it with you. She is a novice and is working her way into the climbing world. We welcome her to the climbing community … Continue reading


With most of the contribution team out on climbing trips, I figured it’d be a perfect time to post a few pictures from last season.

Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close

Jonathan Safran Foer once wrote a book called Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close. I always kind of thought that would be a fitting description for any large-scale avalanche that was too close for comfort. It turns out I was right.

Scared On A 5.10

For 10 years there is a climb I have wanted to do known as the Fin Arete. My dad has been hyping this up to me forever telling me of perfect granite, spooky runouts, and the fun moves. He told me that out of all of the climbing he had done this was still his … Continue reading

Mountaineering Season Has Arrived In Utah

As the snowboarding season winds down, the peak-bagging season winds up. Desert towers and alpine summits are the name of the game for spring in the Beehive State, thanks to moderate temperatures, mostly predictable weather patterns, and a consolidated snowpack. I had the pleasure of getting atop Mount Nebo this weekend with the Utah Climbing … Continue reading

Reflections On Adventure

 Those who have an active lifestyle, mixed with a healthy dose of adventure, occasionally will have one that somehow transcends the others, and sticks out in their minds as one that was just extra special. There’s no formula, no special concoction, no required parameters for this to happen, it’s just one of the neat by-products … Continue reading

Desert Nights

One of my favorite parts of desert climbing is spending the night out under the stars. The sand still holding warmth from the day, the monolithic free standing pillars holding up the endless night sky, and the anticipation of the next mornings climbs all work together to make the desert one of the best places … Continue reading