“Son, you aint seen my pants” – Summersville DWSing

He was struggling on the approach.  With white paste plastered all over his body, like he used Elmer’s glue instead of sunscreen, Captain America looked at Nelson and grunted, “Go git it.  Make America proud.”  Nelly quickly resonded, “I don’t think anything could make America more proud than that hat you’re wearing.”  Without hesitation, the West Virginian responded, … Continue reading

Grand Teton-Upper Exum

Grand Teton stands 13,770 feet above sea level. It doesn’t even rank in the top 50 tallest peaks in the U.S. but this unique peak attracts thousands of climbers every year. The thing this peak has to offer is its unique silhouette. It is a steep tower with plenty of exposure. I was invited on … Continue reading

Steort’s Ridge

  My early drive to meet Austin went quick, there is something about a cool summer morning with some tunes and a drive that starts the day off right. There is some type of calm that comes with a drive to the mountains. I arrived at the park and ride and jumped in his car. … Continue reading