“Oh…. Crap…. We’re in about 3 inches of water,” exclaimed Chase as he peeked out the tent to check the damage from the midnight storm.  “Dig a trench!” he yelled, as he scurried to put his raincoat on.  If I had been sleeping, this midnight call to action would have been stressful, but with the … Continue reading

Regarding Nature

My friend Kevin Curtis is an amazing writer and all-around fascinating person.  I had the opportunity to climb with him in the City of Rocks this summer.  We were able to hit-up Thin Slice and Terror of Tiny Town one morning.  He told me that he was going to do a quick summer ski-trip in … Continue reading

Crag Check: Makapuu Point

Some climbing locations become destinations because of the aesthetics of the rock, or the ultra-classic rock quality; others become so due to the environment. I recently took a trip with my family to the Aloha State, and during our stay on Oahu, we made the 45 minute trek down to Makapuu point, on the leeward … Continue reading

The Same But Different: Rock Climbing In Taiwan

As we arrive at the local “long dong” (dragons cave) crag, I am reminded of the states. Jack Johnson can be heard from a portable stereo someone brought along. People who speak little English at all are yelling “take” and “on belay”. Some one has put up a high line…some things never change.