Photo Sharing

I realize that it has been a long time since I have shared anything on this blog.  Accordingly, I am going to take the easy way out and simply post some photos from the last few weeks.   Here we go……


These are from a family vacation we took to St. George.  I’m lucky my wife is an amazing photographer.  Just before we took these photos, Kate went insane because we saw a King Snake.  Kate’s lapse from sanity started off as you would expect – a loud shriek, some frantic movements, etc.  However, the motivation behind these were entirely different.  Kate wanted to catch the snake, name him, bring him home, and care for him.  Girls.   Luckily, I was able to talk her out of it.  P.S.  These photos were shot on film.  A lost art in this day and age.  



I’ve spent the last couple weekends in Maple.  To be honest, I’m sick of sport climbing, especially in Maple.   The top Pic is of a route that Curtis and I spent a lot of time on.  Neither of us were able to get it that day.  However, Coitus (Curtis’s nickname – sorry buddy), came back the next weekend, sent his first 5.12c second try, flashed a 5.12b, and then in the same day, sent this route first try.  He’s my new hero for sure.  Sorry dad.  Remember, this blog is not for climbers who are doing anything cutting edge.  We relish in our meager accomplishments.  Good job Coit.

The last picture is of Jann on Manmuncher.  This name is awesomely appropriate for Jann.  In the last few years, as one of Provo’s most eligible bachelorettes, Jann has chewed-up and spit-out the best of them.  In spite of all this, Jann courageously sent this route.  Looks like quite the adventure.


Jordan, Blake, and I braved the heat and climbed Pentapitch in Little Cottonwood Canyon.  Don’t let heat excuse Jordan’s nudity.  For Jordan, climbing is simply a vehicle to tan his bod.  Whether it was 30 degrees or 100, Jordan would be shirtless.  Honestly, this climb was a bit of a departure from what we three used to do to occupy our time.  I cannot count the hours we spent at the Nicklecade (basically a huge arcade where all the games are a nickel.  Genius!).  While Blake and I would have rousing games of air hockey, Jordan developed a fierce rivalry with a lone 40-year-old over BubbleBobble.  Seeing these two simultaneously climbing behind me made me proud.  P.S. Pentapitch is a must do.  We decided to end the route by hopping on Pearls before Swine, which is a heinous slab route.  Another must do.


Since this last week has been so bloody hot, I have spent a few days in Ferguson Canyon.  Ferguson is always about 20 degrees cooler than the valley.  Besides, my pup can come.  These shots are of Jordan and Amy.  It was a pleasure to have Amy climbing with us on this day.  She killed it.  Nuff said.  Also, we climbed the ultra classic Extreme Unction.

Thanks for reading.

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3 Responses to “Photo Sharing”
  1. Brooke Feldman says:

    Wonderful Photos!

  2. Katie Boué says:

    Beautiful shots – I love the texture of the rock in Maple – it’s definitely a departure from the sandstone I’m used to here in the southeast!

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