Photo Sharing

I realize that it has been a long time since I have shared anything on this blog.  Accordingly, I am going to take the easy way out and simply post some photos from the last few weeks.   Here we go…… S.G. These are from a family vacation we took to St. George.  I’m lucky … Continue reading

Arm And Hammer Pt. 2

Tanner and I had plans to go climbing on my birthday, you know the drill, grab some churros for breakfast and go out for a few hours of good climbing. We were tossing around some routes in little cottonwood and the plan was set, I would meet him bright and early.

Crag Check: Window Rock East

The Utah Climbing Club is an excellent environment for aspiring and experienced climbers to hangout with like-minded folks. Operated by Jenn Moore and Darren Knezek from Mountainworks in Provo, the club is a social hub of climbing that offers a little something for everyone, as well as world-class training from some of the most knowledgable … Continue reading

The Early Bird | Steorts’ Ridge

Saturday mornings have become my last bastion of adventure. Having a grown-up job certainly accommodates smaller windows of opportunity to get out and play. That being said, I haven’t been necessarily deprived of recreation, but my complex schedule doesn’t allow for me to plan outings that are going to last for more than 4 or … Continue reading


Words by Parker Cross Images by Andy and Neena Earl Climbing appeals to an extremely large demographic. There’s a little bit of something for everyone (even acrophobics). Climbing, for me, is an opportunity to connect with nature in a really special way. Somehow I feel super-connected to the outdoors when I’m climbing and mountaineering/splitboarding. It’s … Continue reading

Fine Jade

Funnest day ever.  Chase and I backpacked up to the ridge between the Rectory and Castleton Tower.  We arrived at 1:30 am, slept a couple of hours, woke up before the sunrise and started climbing.  After climbing Fine Jade we went and floated the Colorado in pool toys.  This was super funny because as we … Continue reading


It was a year ago I first laid eyes on Mark Twight’s quintessential book “Extreme Alpinism”. Even though my climbing partner gave it rave reviews, it stayed firmly stashed below a pile of text books. Ce’est le vie. When I finally got around to it, I quickly realized this was no ordinary climbing book (like … Continue reading