Past Lives: Prophecy Wall

Neena and I were down south for a wedding this past weekend and we decided to take advantage of it. We were hoping for a good morning multi-pitch climb and we found it. Prophecy Wall just north of St. George has a good selection of 2-3 pitch climbs. We chose a nice 5.9 called “Past … Continue reading

Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close

Jonathan Safran Foer once wrote a book called Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close. I always kind of thought that would be a fitting description for any large-scale avalanche that was too close for comfort. It turns out I was right.

Crag Check: Looking Glass

Ever since I moved to North Carolina I have been aching to visit Looking Glass.  Unfortunately, it is a little bit further than New River Gorge so I have mostly opted to visit the New.  This past week, Nelson and I decided to head up to Looking Glass instead.  We were in for an adventure … Continue reading


I cannot sleep.  As I watch the fireflies light up the Southern skies, I wrestle with my thoughts.  Today I made a mistake.  It could have been fatal – yet here I lay in my tent.  I cannot sleep.  The coyotes howl, ridiculing me and mocking my stupidity.  With Nelson snoring next to me, I … Continue reading

Cold Fusion

The north summit of Timpanogos has some of the most iconic lines in the Wasatch, Cold Fusion being one of the most sought after. It is one of those lines that just stares you down all winter long. This season didn’t allow us to get into any  steeper areas until now. Tanner picked me up … Continue reading


Epinephrine 5.9+

While eating a bowl of cereal one morning and flipping through my roommate’s copy of the book, Fifty Favorite Climbs, I stumbled upon a bad ass photo of woman in a seriously run out chimney.  The chimney was sandstone so I figured it had to be close. I quickly found out the chimney was that … Continue reading

Scared On A 5.10

For 10 years there is a climb I have wanted to do known as the Fin Arete. My dad has been hyping this up to me forever telling me of perfect granite, spooky runouts, and the fun moves. He told me that out of all of the climbing he had done this was still his … Continue reading

A Little More Moab

Here are a few more shots from our recent Moab trip. It was a great way to celebrate Emily’s 25th. My foot is on the mend and I will be back at it again soon.

Climbing Castleton Tower

There is something about Castleton Tower. Maybe it’s the tower’s setting—sitting atop a thousand-foot cone of red-rock rubble and talus,  it’s both grand and solitudinous. Maybe it’s the tower’s stone—the uber-solid Windgate sandstone white-washed with calcite is enough to make any climber salivate. Maybe it’s the tower’s iconic status—the fact that Castleton is the most … Continue reading