New Route Wednesdays: Tinker Toys 5.7 Rock Canyon, UT

For the aspiring trad climber, quartzite can be your best friend. Lots of edges and jugs while you do your placements, and a large variety of options for your pro. Rock Canyon has some really great trad climbs if it’s something you’re interested in trying out. One of my first ever trad leads was this … Continue reading

Interview with photographer George Bruce Wilson

After seeing Bruce’s photos around and bumping into him at the local gym, I decided it was time to find out what made him tick. I caught up with him and had the opportunity to ask him a few questions. Tell us about yourself? I’m Bruce Wilson,  I was born in SLC, UT.  I’m 25 … Continue reading

Shut down.

Sometime I get these ideas in my head of routes to climb. The problem is, it always seems like a good idea in my mind but it doesn’t always go the way I hope it will. When I was 13 I had a black diamond poster of Ari on Big Guy in Indian Creek. It … Continue reading

Desert Nights

One of my favorite parts of desert climbing is spending the night out under the stars. The sand still holding warmth from the day, the monolithic free standing pillars holding up the endless night sky, and the anticipation of the next mornings climbs all work together to make the desert one of the best places … Continue reading

The Headache (5.10+)

After a successful weekend of climbing in Red Rocks,  we made our way back north to St. George. With the weather in the low 50’s we decided it was definitely too cold to climb  and all agreed to go for a hike in Zions.  However, we couldn’t allow ourselves to go to Zions with a … Continue reading

From The Hard Drive

Good friend Forrest Shearer on the ridge line of Mount Superior a couple seasons ago. He is an amazing snowboarder/mountaineer and all around good guy. Not to mention the fact that he pushes more green initiatives through his riding than almost any other rider out there. Watch for him in TGR’s new video project entitled … Continue reading

New Route Wednesdays: Plan F 5.11- Red Rocks, NV

This was our first time down to Red Rocks. We arrived on a holiday weekend with thousands of people lining the roads of the park. We thought the crags would be over loaded with people, but to our surprise we found this little gem of a wall known as Ragged Edges for one of it’s … Continue reading

Rumbling Bald, North Carolina

“C’mon dude, if we leave after I get out of the hospital, we’ll be there by midnight.  That gives us all Saturday to climb,” says Nelson over the phone.  I can learn alot from Nelly.  After a solid week of surgery rotation for medical school (which entails waking up at about 3:30 am and working till 7:00 pm) he is still itching … Continue reading

New Route Wednesdays: Mexican Crack 5.10a

Little Cottonwood Canyon is home to some of the best granite slab climbing around. The thing about this area is that all the routes are fairly stout compared to other Wasatch areas. When you get a chance this next summer, go check this one out. It has an awkward start to an awesome crack! Enjoy! … Continue reading

Dirtbag Father Figure

Growing up in a family of climbers is an interesting thing. Most families tell stories of embarrassing moments such as saying something inappropriate to a friend, falling down the stairs, or just doing something dumb. I grew up with my older brothers recounting stories of how I froze up on a 5.7 and almost started … Continue reading